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The Mideast Oil Pipelines

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

The fires burn brightly in the Middle East. They are Satan’s fires of destruction. These present fires will burn themselves out with either the dictators removed or the people destroyed. Either way, Satan has inflicted his damage and prepares for the next round of his destructive plan.

This will happen in those nations that were not yet touched by these uprisings. Each nation will suffer but the problems will be distinct in Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Iraq will just sink into a morass of conflicting interests. Iran will pursue its destructive atomic plans. The Afghanistan government is too weak to survive. However, the grave danger lies in Pakistan with the weakness of the government, the power of the terrorists and the possession of nuclear weapons. This is an explosive mix. Order will unravel quickly, presenting unforeseen problems of an enormous magnitude.

In all of this, the West just sleeps, tied up in economic problems that seem more important. World leadership slips from the hands of America which has no clear identity on the world stage.

The question is this. How close are all these future events which will change the situation forever. As yet, they have not happened. These problems are still Middle East and have not affected the West. However, the problems are too enormous and the disturbances are too widespread for them to be contained in the Middle East.

Satan thinks globally. One event follows another. All are linked together. He knows where the pipelines go and those countries that are so dependent on oil. He wants to attack and destroy that system so the West is thrown into confusion. Nowhere is the West so vulnerable as in their need for Mideast oil.

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