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Super Bowl Sunday

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

My heart is breaking. They are killing my children, the Coptic Christians, to whom I appeared in a special way. Cannot everyone read these signs? Can they not see the demonic nature of these uprisings? They kill those who profess my Son as their Lord and Savior. They hate my Son and all who belong to him.

This is their pattern everywhere. They want to destroy every trace of Jesus Christ. Why? Because he alone is the light that reveals their errors and he alone can cast out the demonic powers.

Look at the West. You have set Jesus Christ aside. You wipe away every trace of his influence. You refuse to put his name in your documents. Learn the following lesson.

All the turmoil and all that is destructive, come from the demonic. Safeguarding you and those powers of hell is only my Son, and those who share in his powers. This will become more evident as these events unfold. Satan will rip off his mask. You will see his full presence and power. You will realize that you are helpless because you have rejected the antidote. You have set aside the one power which he truly fears – my Son, Jesus Christ.

Satan has lured you onto a field that you call “secular”. You are playing his game on his field and he will destroy you. He will not only defeat you, he will grind you down and stomp upon you. You have set aside my Son.

Today is your Super Bowl. What a false idol! Sunday is dedicated to a game with a Roman numeral. Christianity survived the Roman persecutions but you will not survive your games and circuses. You must make your Sundays holy.

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