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Mary Searches for Her Children

Mary’s Help In Darkness

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

This is the moment to which the sins of mankind have brought earth, a moment when earth is plunged into a total darkness, where no light appears and all the sources of light seem to be cut off. It is the moment of darkness. In that moment, my children will know that I have not abandoned them. They will live by the greatest of faith because I have given them my words. My words will be the only light that they have.

As they believe my words, they will hear my voice in their hearts and in their midst. My voice will become stronger and clearer. The words will be firm and strong, almost commanding belief. Whoever allows my words to have power over them will be saved. No one must change my words or dilute them. They will be the strong medicine which mankind needs in order to be rescued.

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